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Robby LeBlanc has been a international concert guitarist for over 20 years. His music career has taken him throughout the United States, Canada, Spain, Vietnam and India…You can check out his music at

 How did Robby get all those gigs? Marketing! Robby did his own marketing and follow up. In early 1990′s Robby started studying and attending Sales and Marketing Seminars by Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, and Anthony Robbins.

 In 2002 Robby attended his first internet marketing seminar. It was Carl Galletti’s “Internet Marketing Super Conference”, this is one of the best known internet marketing seminars in the world today.The Top Interent Marketers in the World Speak at this event every year. ..

 Robby became quick friends with Carl Galletti and co-produced his seminar every year since then. Carl is also one of the Top Copywriters in the World.

 In addition to being a Speaker and Writer, Robby has been the Affiliate/JV  Manager for many high profile marketers including: Robert G. Allen, Mark Victor Hansen, Jay Abraham, Carl Galletti, Stu Mclaren…Presently Robby manages the Partner Program for Armand Morin’s “Brave The Wave” project.

 The internet has changed marketing in a big time way. What use to take weeks and months to test a product or ad campaign can be done in less then a week or less on line.

 With that in mind, what was working  online 2 months or 2 years ago may not work today.

 In order to stay on top of internet marketing trends and practices one has to be absorbed in  Internet Marketing with those who are in the know.

Robby LeBlanc is one of those guys.