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Are you Lucky?

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Have you ever noticed how lucky some people are?
Lucky in business?
Lucky in career?
Lucky financially?
Lucky with relationships?
Lucky getting new clients?
Lucky getting referrals?

The best definition of luck I have ever heard:
“Luck is when preparration meets opportunity.”

That’s it in a nutshell!

I ‘ve heard many small business owners and entrepreneurs talk about,
if only Walmart took on my product they would be successful.

If only they could get on Oprah they would be successful.

If only their book became a New York Times Best Seller…

My first question is: Are you preparred?
If Oprah were to call you today and invite you on the show tomorrow…
Are you preparred?

Is the copy on your website ready for the world to see?
Do you have a way to capture a visitors name and email address?
Is your hosting ready for more traffic than you could ever imagine?
If you are selling a product, are you ready for a ton of orders?
Have you preparred for the interview process?
Are you clear about your message?

Thinking you can just wing it because you have such a great product
and personality is naieve and immature.

From the movie” Man on Fire” with Danzel Washington there was one
line I will never forget in which he was speaking to this young
10 year old girl:

“There is Trained and Untrained. What do you want to be? She repsonded Trained!”

Marketitng is no different. Getting your message out is no different.
There is Trained and untrained. Which are you?

You want more luck?

Get trained! Get trained for when your opportunity comes you are
preparred.As you shine during your opportunity, more opportunites
will surely come your way.

The only time you can effectively and profitabily wing it is when you
are so well trained and preparred that the words rolls off your tongue
with ease and articulation.

Don’t leave your marketing message to chance…Train it!


3 Comments on Are you Lucky?

  1. Martha Giffen on Tue, 1st Jun 2010 7:59 pm
  2. You nailed it! If you aren’t ready when you opportunity appears, all is lost! On the other hand, I believe you have to always be LOOKING for opportunities. Good advice :)

  3. Salt Lake Marketing Consultant on Wed, 2nd Jun 2010 4:06 am
  4. Hey Robby,

    Great post. We all need to go out and create our “Luck” each day. I was reading Emergency by Neil Straus today, and he was talking about that we shouldn’t be waiting for the government to help us, but we need to help ourselves.


  5. Robby on Wed, 9th Jun 2010 9:06 am
  6. Thanks for the comment Kevin. Keep on creating those lucky days my brother!

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