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Do What You Do Best…

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Re: Do What You Do Best…

A few years ago I heard NY Times Best Selling author Robert G. Allen  say” Do What You do Best and Outsource The Rest.”  Mark Victor Hansen is famous for saying, ” You Can’t Make $500 Dollars an Hour Doing The $5 Dollar an Hour Work.”  

These two quotes have made it to the wall in my office.  The concept behind “Marketing You Can Use” was to share and provide marketing tips and strategies for the small business owner.

Sometimes at business owners, we get caught up in the day the day activites. It could be as simple as photocopying a few pages of a report or refilling the paper towels in the restroom. This is the perfect example of doing the $5 dollar an work but expecting $500 dollar an hour return on time invested.  

I am not saying you should never do some of those activites. Just remember the two quotes at the beginning of this article.

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest.” Robert G. Allen
“You can’t make $500 dollars an hour doing the $5 dollar an hour work.” Mark Victor Hansen

Happy Marketing,
Robby LeBlanc


One Comment on Do What You Do Best…

  1. Piotr Krzyzek on Sun, 13th Jun 2010 9:44 am
  2. Very very good points there!

    Thanks so much.

    Just like you, I’m gonna go put up those two quotes on my wall because they are soo soo true.

    Sadly I’m not in a position to outsource anything at the moment, but I will soon (I hope).

    Thanks for the read.


    p.s. this theme really does look like the one on my main blog at as I said on twitter :) Heh. Dunno if it is or isn’t though.

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