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Three Keys To Affiliate Management

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Re: Three Keys To Affiliate Management

My good friend Stu Mclaren introduced and trained me to be an affiliate manager in 2005. When ever I am at an event people often ask me, what specifically does a affiliate manger do?

I share the following…
Affiliate management can be divided into 3 area:
1. Recruit
2. Train
3. Motivate

Affiliates are the life blood for many marketers businesses.

An affiliate manager is always on the lookout for new quality affiliates they can recruit. Bringing on 3-5 new affilates a month can have huge financial rewards by the end of the year.

Training and providing new tools for affiliates is also extremely important for any affiliate program.

Keeping affiliates motivated is critical to the success of every affiliate program. One of the ways to keep affiliates engaged and motivated is to hold a monthy contest or special promotion.

Depending on the specific affiliate program, there are many other activities that a affiliate manager may do on a daily basis.

Once again, the core activities for an affiate manager include Recruiting, Traning and keeping them Motivated…

For Your Affiliate Program,
Robby LeBlanc


2 Comments on Three Keys To Affiliate Management

  1. Karen Wilson Wehrle on Sat, 12th Jun 2010 8:33 am
  2. While I’ve never been an affiliate manager, and I’ve had very limited success so far as an affiliate, I know exactly what you’re talking about with needing good affiliate tools. Motivation with a contest, plus a special tool to use and advice how to use it, can equip the majority of your affiliates and lead to a torrent of traffic.

    Travis Sago comes to mind. He’s a helper. When he helps his affiliates, they win and he wins. It’s all good.

  3. Robby on Thu, 24th Jun 2010 11:30 pm
  4. Hi Karen…Be on the lookout in the VERY near future on for a special Affiliate Report I will be offering for FREE. If you haven’t had much success as an Affiliate Marketer, you will want this report. To your success…Thanks for posting…Robby

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